MAP's Environmental Justice Team is focused on creating and supporting legislation to preserve our planet and its resources. Climate change and ecological destruction are threatening the very wellbeing humanity; as youth advocates we are uniquely responsible for ensuring the future of Earth. We hope that through the passage of key legislation, we can not only alleviate the pains of climate change but also reverse its devastating effects. Furthermore, we aim to increase the awareness of Environmental Racism, or the systemic and disproportionate effect of climate change on people of color. Our ultimate goal is to provide true environmental safety for all while simultaneously supporting our planet’s diverse ecosystem through legislation.

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AB 470: California Green Business Program

SB 1035: Climate Pollution Reduction in Low-Income Homes

State Legislation

Policy Proposals​

CA: Climate Change Education

Children form their beliefs at a young age, yet high levels of misinformation make climate denialism increasingly rampant. MAP believes it is necessary to target climate denialism from a young age by implementing specialized education from grades 3 to 5, educating students on the impacts of climate degradation and environmental justice efforts. Climate education fosters responsibility for the future and an understanding of the repercussions of climate change just as history enables us to learn from the past. Just as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reports, time is of the essence, and action must be direct and immediate. Through hands-on courses on climate change, California students can acquire the knowledge they need to mitigate the effect of climate change.

US: Preventing Hydraulic Fracturing

Contaminated ground and surface areas, harmful air pollution, and large amounts of toxic waste contribute to environmental health issues. Future oil and gas production using horizontal hydraulic fracturing only creates more contaminants—many of which have been linked to respiratory and neurological problems, birth defects, and cancer. We need to limit hydraulic fracturing in the U.S. to ensure the safety of the public as well as of our natural wildlife.

Issue Team Events

Bishop O’ Dowd Bay Area Teach-in for Justice

The Mitty Advocacy Project Environmental Justice Team attended the Bishop O’ Dowd Bay Area Teach-in for Justice, educating future youth advocates about the history and evidence of Environmental Racism. The workshop also detailed the Dakota Access Pipeline, the string of cancer cases across the Mississippi called “Cancer Alley,” pesticide contamination with migrant farmworkers, and the unsafe drinking water in the San Joaquin Valley. In an effort to not only present the widespread problem but also empower fellow students to take action, the presentation provided potential solutions to the drinking water contamination crisis in the San Joaquin Valley which MAP advocated for in the past. 

Silicon Valley Youth Climate Strike

On September 20, 2019, MAP members participated in the Silicon Valley Youth Climate Strike, demanding increased climate change legislation and a paradigm shift of focus in the government to address the prevalent issue of climate change. Not only were MAP members in the crowds marching for change, but many also had the opportunity of speaking at the event. Environmental Justice Team Lead Ashir Raza and Co-Lead Jason Chen spoke alongside Assemblymember Ash Kalra to advocate for necessary environmental legislation.

2019-2020 Leadership

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