MAPx is MAP’s project-based outreach & civic education team. Although legislation is an incredibly important part of advocacy, MAPx recognizes that not all societal issues or structural oppression can be solved by simply passing a bill. MAPx seeks to empower all youth to have the tools and knowledge to understand the world around them, and brings attention to complex structural issues such as implicit bias, LGBTQ+ rights, and civic awareness.


Policy Proposals

This proposal addresses the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. Section 99.31(a)(1)(i)(A) of FERPA allows school administrations and districts to retain confidentiality over virtually all school records, leading to a lack of accountability in the education system. MAPx proposed to amend §99.31(a)(1)(i)(A): where the bill says an educational institution or agency “may disclose” information, we would change the phrase to “must disclose.” This would redefine the rest of this section to ensure openness and accountability in the education system.


CA: Hate Crime Prevention Training in the Education System

Implicit bias can lead to overtly racist behavior, like when a teacher disciplines black children more harshly than white children. MAPx proposed a form of implicit bias recognition training to be implemented into school curriculum, the activities and lectures in it tailored to each grade level, kindergarten to 12th grade. Secondly, we proposed that educators face training similar to the court personnel as outlined in AB 242. 

Issue Team Events

Civic Education Curriculum

​​Over the summer, MAPx developed a civic education curriculum to be implemented in school curriculum. Recognizing the importance of students to be able to understand and participate effectively in government, this is a dynamic and interactive civics course that can be integrated into almost any curriculum. This curriculum aims to teach students about local, state, and federal government, the importance of local citizen participation, and talk about current events and advocacy. It will be implemented in Mitty’s Advocacy class next year.

Voter Registration Booth

​​This year, MAPx worked with the Santa Clara County Voting Registrar’s Office to provide a registration and preregistration service to Mitty’s students. MAPx hosted a guest speaker at Mitty to teach students about the newly passed voter’s choice act and what that entails for new voters, and then registered and pre-registered over 200 students.

Implicit Bias Workshop

At the Bishop O’Dowd Youth Advocacy Conference this year, MAPx developed and presented a workshop on implicit bias. After consulting with Stanford Law School Immigrants’ Rights Clinic’s Professor Lisa Weissman-Ward, MAPx decided to tackle this complex topic. Covering heuristics, psychology, and the historical roots of implicit bias, this interactive workshop aims to allow every participant to recognize their implicit bias, and then work to correct it.

Transgender Awareness Teach-In

MAPx worked with the Archbishop Mitty administration to develop a teach-in to help assist teachers who may not have much experience with transgender students. After interviewing a wide variety of students about their experience of how not just transgender, but LGBTQ+ rights writ large were addressed in the classroom, MAPx developed a workshop outline to present to the school. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, this workshop has been delayed indefinitely.

November Immigration Campaign

During the Lenten season, MAPx initiated an immigration campaign to raise awareness for the stories of migrants at the US-Mexico border who wouldn’t be at home during the holiday season. This initiative involved informational posters, as well as stories of immigrants broadcasted schoolwide.

Love Your Neighbor Collaboration with Shepherd

MAPx collaborated with Mitty’s on-campus LGBTQ+ awareness club, Shepherd, to raise awareness for their “Love Your Neighbor” campaign. MAPx tackled the issue “Love Your Neighbor Who Doesn’t Vote Like You.” This campaign involved videos, posters, and a screening of Brave New Films’ Suppressed: The Fight To Vote. MAPx addressed not only the disparities between voting demographics, but also the voter suppression that many communities face.

Hate Crimes Hearing

When MAP was invited to testify at Representative Kansen Chu’s State Senate Hearing about hate crimes, MAPx presented their research and solutions regarding hate crime prevention at school and FERPA to the California State Senate.

Voter Awareness Week for Primaries

In order to help educate Mitty students about the voting process, MAPx carried out a Voter Awareness Week to inform students about how to vote, and who they could vote for. This project included informational videos and flyers presented schoolwide about the registration/pre-registration process to vote, how to vote in Santa Clara County’s new setup, a description of the various candidates and their policies to ensure more educated voting, and voting in college.

2019-2020 Leadership

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