The blog provides a platform for students to share their voices and opinions on important issues. After the pandemic first broke out, MAP members from a variety of issue teams wrote articles about how COVID-19 was changing lives. The series included articles about the pandemic's impact on gun control, mental health, farmworkers, and more. 


The website team worked to create the MAP Forum, which gave students a way to share their opinions on questions related to advocacy and social justice issues. Each month, MAP members can answer a unique question and read responses from others.

mission statement

To summarize MAP's goal, the Steering Committee worked to write MAP's mission statement. The website team created a new page to define the AGE (advocacy, grassroots, and education) Model and outline MAP's mission to advocate about social justice issues and improve the quality of life for those who are suffering.

issue team descriptions

The MAP website was also updated with a description of each issue team, each outlining significant statistics and the prevalence. Each year, MAP members get to vote on the 5 issue teams that will be the focus of advocacy. The 5 that were chosen this year were: immigration reform, gun violence prevention, mental health reform, criminal justice reform, and environmental justice. 


Since MAP members are constantly reaching new milestones and accomplishing goals, the website team worked to create a complete timeline. Starting from 2010, the timeline recapped key events from each year to highlight MAP's achievements. 


2019-2020 leadership

Lauren Vu

Blog Editor in Chief

Tanish Kumar and Anish Bhadani

Website Editors

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