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The immigration system in the United States is woefully broken, consistently harming vulnerable immigrant populations and corrupting the American ideal of a safe haven for any who may need it. MAP’s Immigration Team aims to combat these injustices and advocate for the rights and inclusion of all immigrants, documented or otherwise. For the 2019-2020 school year, the our team focused on the crisis undocumented families face at the southern border and the issues facing undocumented immigrants and farmworkers living in California. 


National Legislation

H.R. 4420: Timely Mental Health for Foster Youth Act

S.1122: Mental Health Services for Students Act of 2019

S.1464: Law Enforcement Training for Mental Health Crisis Response Act of 2019

State Legislation

A.B. 1619: Mental Health Careers: Funding

S.B.660: Postsecondary Education: Mental Health Counselors


With this proposal, we want to implement stress reduction techniques such as Yoga Nidra and Contractile Lymphatics for schools across the nation. Although these techniques involve significant lifestyle changes, they have been proven effective in various studies. By teaching students how to manage stress from a young age, we may be able to improve their health going into the future. Additionally, by talking about mental health in the classroom, we may also spread awareness and help to fight against the stigma of such illnesses. Too many suffer in silence. It's time we take action.

US: Implementing Stress Reduction in Schools

CA: LSP Act. Evaluating Protocols. Addressing Probabable Cause

Despite the various measures already taken, it's clear that our state's mental health system has only gotten worse over the years. Upon examining the current legislation, it becomes clear the focus has been put on filtrating between high risk patients and those who need minimal professional intervention. Although the state would ideally provide funding towards building community mental health centers, a short term solution is needed. To this end, MAP highly encourages you to consider using machine learning to help judges determine who is "gravely disabled." This will make the selection process both extensive and comprehensive.


Mental health refers to our emotional, psychological, and social well being. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, 1 in 6 US Youth aged 6-17 experience a mental health disorder each year, making this issue especially relevant for high school students. In today's society, the stigmatization of mental illness prevents many from seeking help, and its roots lie in a lack of awareness and understanding. To alleviate this issue, MAP's Mental Health Reform team lobbies for bills increasing funding for mental health resources and combats the stigma around mental illness through awareness and education campaigns.


Issue Team Events

March for Education

MAP members and Mitty students march for better teacher pay, improvements in school infrastructure, enhanced mental health counseling resources, and increasted investment into all of California's public schools and their students.

Social Media Campaign

As quarantine started due to COVID=19, MAP's Mental Health Reform team took to social media sites like Instagram and other platforms to spread awareness about mental health as well as tips on how to destress and cope with isolation in such a challenging time.

2019-2020 Leadership

Jay Gupta


Priyal Patel, Anish Bhadani


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