what is camp?

CAMP is the newly formed creative division of MAP, which focuses on digital advocacy. This year, due to virtual learning, CAMP has increased MAP’s online presence through maintenance and expansion of MAP’s media infrastructure, now including Instagram, Medium, carrd.co sites, Wix website, and more. During this semester, CAMP has carried out a series of creative projects that are centered around raising awareness for a variety of important issues.



At the beginning of the year, MAP members from a variety of issue teams worked to produce a series of posts discussing Coronavirus impacts. These articles outlined the tremendous impacts the pandemic has had on different aspects of peoples' lives. Posts were written on the COVID-19 impacts on mental health, farmworkers, gun laws, xenophobia, and the MAP program itself. 

Additionally, to amplify the Black Lives Matter movement, MAP members utilized the blog in order to spread awareness about anti-racism campaigns. Through a series of blog posts, students were able to share their opinions on current events, societal injustices, and the Black Lives Matter movement.



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