What is the most pressing social justice issue of our time?

March 2020

I believe the pressing issue of acceptance in general is an overarching issue. Accepting people of all genders, sexuality, races, and choices are being judged and are under a critical eye by many people everyday. We live in a free country yet people live in fear to be their whole selves freely because of our current president, traditional values, and media discrimination. People need to accept others and their values even if they are different than their own in order to live in a world of peace and serenity.

I think the most pressing social justice issue of our generation is the lack of empathy and resources for immigrants. The current treatment of immigrants in the United States, legal or not, is not by any means acceptable or just. Our country would not be running effectively without the contributions of immigrants and there is no justification for treating innocent people with such little respect.

The most pressing issue of our generation is the economic inequality gap. Even living in the richest and most fortunate country in the world, the United States, there is still a large number of people that do not make enough money to live. They make minimum wage not a living wage. It is a fundamental human right to be able to put food on the table and have a roof over our heads, but the fact that not everyone has access to this right should not go on any longer. Globally, the economic inequality gap is even larger. Families, Parents, children, and people, don’t have resources to live the life they deserve. They work hard, possibly putting themselves in danger, just to try and live. This issue should be our biggest focus as a generation. By tackling it, we have the opportunity to welcome more bright minds in order to join the fight and change our world for the better.

I think the most pressing social justice issue right now is the increasing income gap between top and bottom earners in the United States. Income inequality and the unequal distribution of assets are the root cause of many other social justice issues. Although this is a very difficult issue to handle, there are many steps that people can take to help improve balance within the U.S. Our main goal to help tackle this issue should be to promote equality and promote ways to help diminish the wealth gap.

I think the most pressing social justice issue of our generation is gun violence. Many people die everyday from guns. Especially in poorer areas, gun violence runs rampant and is infused in the culture. The government doesn't do a whole lot to change this in these areas because it is expected and anticipated. With the rise in school shootings, I think people's eyes were finally opened to the true danger that guns in the wrong hands presents. Students from high gunned down schools all across the country have been using their voices to demand change. Many adults try to invalidate their say on the issue by saying they're too young. However, the students who have experienced this violence firsthand are the best individuals to speak out and make a difference. Our generation has demonstrated that the voices of young individuals can be just as powerful as adults.

I personally believe that gender stereotyping is the most pressing social justice issue in our generation. I am currently in a female voice in literature class and I have spent the past semester discovering new things about the gender gap that everyone should be educated on. While there has been some progress, there is not enough being done to promote equal rights for women across the world. There could be crazy amounts of growth for equal rights if people were educated about this specific topic, but now a days people do not know much about the gender gap and what that means for all women, young and old across the world.

There are many pressing issue within our society today, however the most pressing issue is that which regards the very existence of our society. Without resolving the rapid global warming, all other issues within our society will become inconsequential and nonexistent as we won’t be around to have them. It’s an issue that should be non partisan and in everyone’s best interest to solve, however the obstacle of “climate deniers” all over the world (including the leader of the free world) makes this an increasingly difficult and trying issue.

Our most pressing social justice issue is homelessness or global warming. I could say either of these are the most pressing issues of this generation because it is seen as a normal but it used to be rare. The number is increasing for both of these topics each day. Because of the Coronavirus both issues are being talked about more. With homelessness it is because they don’t have the means to be as sanitized as needed and they don’t have a house to stay in. With less pollution global warming has been a topic because there is much less gasses going into the air which is making our air cleaner. Both issues can end or at least be decreased. With the global warming we have already seen a big decrease so we know it is possible. For homelessness it could end if the top 5% of the population were to donate some of their money in order for these people to have shelter and safety.

Climate change. Climate change. Climate change. Global warming and drastic economic effects that will continue to occur as a result of climate change will not cease until we as a collective, universal community come together to address this issue. The warming climate will make it a struggle for migrants to survive, as seen in Nepal. Flooding in states like Texas and Florida will increase as extreme weather patterns develop. Agriculture is most vulnerable and at risk due to the climate’s shift. As various states in the U.S. are dependent on their agricultural sectors, these economies will take huge hits. Much of our society’s critical infrastructure are also at risk for high damage. Military bases will be affected and communications systems will be harmed. Rising sea levels isn’t the only factor. Human health and productivity will be impacted as well. Rising temperatures will cause annual losses (with extreme temperature-related deaths) to be about $140 billion. Water borne and food borne diseases will rise. Now, is the time to act.

I believe the most pressing social justice issue of our generation is the lack of gender equality. Women have always been seen as less than in society, and have been given less opportunities simply because they are female. Our generation needs to change this injustice. Not only are women making less than men, but women only hold one in four jobs dealing with STEM. One way we can all help the issue of gender equality is to make sure that our employers are paying their employees in a just way. We need to change this inequality so that future generations do not have to suffer the same way we have to now. If we do not make a change, who will?

To me, climate change is the most pressing social issue as it's extent reaches across the entire globe and has repercussions for all of humanity and future generations. As the result of disproportionate population in industrialized nations, millions of individuals will face climate-related disasters at exponentially higher rates. Millions are forced and will be forced to leave their hometown as rising sea levels, increasing wildfires, smog, drought, and deforestation tear apart their land. Thus, we see increasing amounts of migration despite stringent immigration regulations by the countries who are accountable for their adversity. Furthermore, undeveloped nations and communities of color will continue to bear the brunt of pollution despite relatively having much smaller carbon footprints. From city-specific injustices such as the Flint Water Crisis to the loss of arable land in developing countries, our nation's actions have led to widespread destitution and suffering. We must press forward in developing constructive climate suffering to end the climate injustice that has been brought afoot.

The most pressing issue for our generation is going to be our relationship with our environment. We are going to have to find a balance between conservation and usage of resources that allows our society to prosper while preserving the environment for generations to come. With our planets ever expanding population this task is going to become increasingly more difficult. It is of the utmost importance that new and innovative solutions to the issue of environmental protection come to fruition quickly and that we all contribute in whatever way we can to help prevent this impending crisis.

In my opinion, the most pressing social justice issue of our generation is climate change. The consequences of this very real (despite what some officials may insist) threat to life as we know it are innumerable. It continues to astound me how easily many people in power write off the importance of taking action regarding climate change. Especially now, when we see global leaders faced with another pressing issue like coronavirus that demands immediate action, it becomes worrisome that climate change may be pushed to the back burner. While it is obvious that we as a global community need to address COVID-19, we can also not allow climate change to be forgotten. Now more than ever, we're going to rely on young advocates to inspire others to save our earth. My hope is that when we make it out of the current state of panic and fear we find ourselves in, we are able to realize the terrible effects of not acknowledging crucial issues. Hopefully, it will be clearer than ever that we need to tackle climate change before it is too late.

The most pressing social justice issue of our generation is climate change. In these recent years, the youth have voiced out their concerns and participated heavily in the Climate Change Movement.  These stories about record breaking weather forecasts and forest fires makes the environmental issue clear. The usage of social media help spread tends such as using hydroflasks and metal straws for the 'Save the Turtles' movement. The rise of support in the youth displays how prominent this issue is to this generation as it ultimately affects their lives in the long run.

The most pressing social justice issue is homelessness. They are out on the street and we walk by them like they aren’t or we can’t hear them. They all are also people who want to be heard, they can just going through a hard time economically. They deserve just as much as everyone else. Most were born into the situation or have hard one major thing happen in their lives that changed everything. They too deserve to be treated as a person in all aspects.

Climate change and its effects are what will potentially guide our future. Its effects can already be seen globally and the damage climate change has caused cannot be reversed quickly enough. Significant net damage costs due to the decay of our climate’s health are likely to persist and increase with time. Sea levels will rise, weather patterns will shift, and the world economy will experience a widening in wealth gaps.

I think one of the most pressing social justice issues is human rights because there are many basic human rights that are being violated every day. Although our generation seems to have hope for the equality and dignity of all people, there is still much progress to be made. From race and sexual orientation, to poverty and homelessness, we are divided as a society, and need to come together to advocate for each other's basic human rights.

The most pressing social justice issue for our generation is the ever growing housing crisis. It is becoming increasingly more difficult for all people to ensure they have one of the basic necessities for life: shelter. The costs of housing continue to sky rocket and wages are not matching the pace of this increase. Without some sort of intervention this issue will continue to spiral out of control. Access to shelter should be a natural right yet our society is failing to provide it to an increasing number of people who are stuck out on the streets with very few tools available to the, in order to change their situation.

In my opinion, the most pressing social justice issue of our generation is inaction regarding climate change. Powerful officials and their refusal to take concrete action for the future of our world are set on a path to destroy our world, and if we don’t do something quickly to fight climate change, it will be too late. Already, irreparable damage has been done to our collective home. We need to collaborate to find solutions now, not whenever it’s convenient for those with the most power and money.

I think climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our generation. Since this decade may be the last opportunity to prevent a complete climate disaster, it is imperative that we take action NOW. We need to pressure legislators to pass green policies,  work to end the use of fossil fuels, and garner more international support. We must take action to ensure a safe future for the generations that come after us.

Climate change is the biggest social justice issue. Though I believe affordable health care is also pressing, many countries have already implemented it, making it less significant than climate change. Climate change affects every country, every state, every county or province, and every person. Carbon emissions and fossil fuels continue to go up, even with changes that are being made right now. Many states like California are expected to be underwater by 2050, and many countries as a whole might be affected by this. The atmosphere is causing the earth to heat up, leading to catastrophic events like the Australian wildfires and unpredictable weather. We need to do much more if we want to make a change and taking the first step is just the start of an incredible journey.

For me, it will always be tackling racism. We cannot ignore the fact that poc are continuing to be treated like/less than animals. We cannot ignore our struggle for equality even in favor for climate change, for the effects of climate change are even worse for us.

In my humbled opinion, although I advocate especially for gun violence prevention in America, the most pressing global issue is the issue of the environmental decline. The frightening statistics shown by the science departments around the world illustrate a strong case where immediate action needs to be taken to prevent the eventual demise of our ecosystem and population as a whole. So therefore, this specific issue needs our immediate and undivided attention.

I think that the most pressing social issue of our generation is the erasure of democracy. Between lobbying silencing the citizen voice in Congress, to the popular vote apparently counting for zilch, it's hard to feel heard as a young person today. So that's why it's important for us to get out there and force ourselves into these notoriously inaccessible spaces. In MAP, and in life.

The most pressing social justice issue of our time is climate change. The Amazon rainforest and Australia have both been on fire in the past few months! Climate change is one of the only issues that really threatens the existence of innumerable crops and human lives and species of plants and animals. And although it may take many more years for us to see the full effects of our actions, this is the most pressing issue—in terms of magnitude and impact and—because if we do not do anything now, it will soon be too late.

I think the most pressing social justice issue of our generation is police brutality. Across the country, African-American people are still being treated unjustly by our law enforcement, the people in our communities with the most power. We must initiate new forms of education in our societies that works to quash the inherent racial bias that is ingrained in us as we grow older. No one is born with racial bias. Something in our societies and media is creating this divide. It's important that this bias be squashed in order for police brutality to come to an end. Slavery was abolished years ago, yet African-American people are still treated as if they have fewer rights than their Caucasian counterparts. Our justice system must be just! We need to stand up for our classmates, neighbors, and friends, so that it's no longer unsurprising to red about another case of police brutality in the news.

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